Light words

The first week of my Path Finder class involved creating a “love list,”  list of things that I love and then looking for patterns and connections.  Most items on my list fell into three or four categories.  Karen calls them “light words” because they are things that literally light us up inside.  We were to hold them close, memorize them, and use them going forward.

Connect (to others, to nature, to myself): reading, journaling, writing my blog, reading other blogs, being part of a family, knowing smiles, close friendship, mindfulness, belonging, walking in nature, crisp leaves underfoot, campfires, astronomy, affection, true laughter, poetry, flowers, travel

Create: a new journal, painting, photography, art supplies, craft projects, singing

Rejuvenate: home, a cool breeze, soft blankets, acoustic guitar, singing, chocolate, dancing, organizing, giggling, a good massage, comfy bedding, hot chocolate, quiet, waking up and staying in bed, soft rain, sleeping, Shabbat dinner, vacuuming, clean sheets, folding laundry, learning new things, starting a new book

The funniest part of this to me is that I wasn’t the only one who had to do this multiple times.  I kept trying to recognize patterns while creating my list, which only made me cross things out and start again.  I had Capture and Belong, but they didn’t encompass enough for me.  Then I was bothered by the messiness of my list, so I began again on a fresh journal page.  I laughed out loud when I read several people mention on the class forum that they are OCD-like too about this.

This week we are making vision boards – I am looking for images and words in magazines that I’m instinctively drawn to and that I want to have in my life.  Woo hoo!


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