Path finder

There’s something so promising about beginning something new.  That must be why I keep doing it! I started a new class this week.  (Yes, I do know I don’t have time for another one, since I’m already taking two and since we are about to move to a new house.)  It’s called Path Finder and it’s taught by Karen Walrond, author of The Beauty of Different and fellow Houstonian.

Karen says that one of the most important things she has learned over the past few years is this:

“We have the power — and the responsibility to ourselves — to inject awesome into our lives as much as possible.

“You see, it finally dawned on me that the meaning of life isn’t just to live life as it comes, enjoy the good times if they’re there, and handle the bad times as best you can, in the hope of developing “character.”… I now believe that life is something to be curated:  that in many ways, we have the ability and the means to curate moments of happiness, learning, challenge and interest into our lives to make them the kinds we would be proud to live.  I believe we’re meant to make life happen, not just let it wash over us.”

Her class is going to be fun! Every weekday for 5 weeks, she is going to share thoughts, meditations and actions on living a life with more intention.  Seems perfect timing for me since I am undergoing such transition these days.  So far, my daughter and I got new journals and we have been doing our morning pages and also making lists of things we love.

I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going.  Let the introspection begin!

Week 1: Introspection

Week 2: Visualization

Week 3: Implementation

Week 4: Imagination

Week 5: Reflection


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