Getting things done

I like making lists in order to get things out of my head.  I use my calendar and to-do list all day, every day, or I would not know where to be and when.  I jot a few things down as I think of them before bed and it helps me sleep better.  Recently (and twice), my daughter has deleted my To Do list from my iPhone Notes page and I literally had no clue what to do.  I refer back to it several times a day, adding and deleting and scheduling time to do some of those things.  I just read this article from Real Simple about list-making.  I think I may need a new system.  I like David Allen’s productivity tips and I do process things as he recommends, I think, but I may need to reread his books.  I have started e-mailing myself my list once a day, just so that I have a recent backup, because you know it’s going to be deleted again one of these days.

The items on my to-do list lately are all things for our new house – meeting times, necessary purchases, phone calls to make, mortgage and insurance documents; add to those any family-related tasks – grocery lists, doctor appointments, buying clothes, starting preschool, paperwork, laundry, play dates, cleaning, birthday parties and gifts, dance class, meals, etc. and the day-to-day list is psychologically overwhelming.  Anything on the list that is fun for me like editing pictures or participating in a class is hard to get done sometimes.

What do you use to keep track of your to-dos?


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