Catching up with Picture Inspiration: Weeks 9-11 and 25-27

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Week 9: Observation Mode

The more you use your camera, the more everyone around you gets used to it and the more natural everyone becomes.  This week, be a fly on the wall, observing and capturing a fleeting moment in time.  It’s shots like these that really capture life and moments you never want to forget.


Week 10: Dishing it Out

Turn your lens toward the kitchen and see what kind of images you can dish up.


Week 11: In the Distance

Shooting the sky, you never really know what you’re going to get.  Sometimes the things out in the distance help offer the shot an element or shape that adds even more interest and intrigue.  Peer out into the wild blue yonder this week.

The funny thing about this image is that it’s not at all what I set out to capture. I traipsed all over trying to get cool sunset pictures and got a few, but a few blocks from home I saw this through a Walgreens parking lot and had to turn around to capture it.

Week 25: Well-Balanced

This week, let’s consider the balance of things.  Seek out symmetry somewhere, anywhere, everywhere.

Week 26: Back to Basics

With balance comes stillness, as we discovered last week.  This week we’ll be finding serenity through simplicity.  Seek out the simplest of vignettes. Challenge yourself to capture a shot that soothes your soul in the simplest of ways.

Week 27: In the Bag

This week, take a look at the bags you use.  Pay attention to what shape and size they are.  What color and fabric.  What you put in them or how you carry them.

This is where my daughter keeps her ever-expanding “lipstick” collection. She has this obsession with flavored chapsticks. She’s 2 and it’s adorable to watch her sort them and take care of them.

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