Life in a day

National Geographic and YouTube present “Life in a Day,” a documentary that those who have seen say is amazing.  I wish it were playing in Houston.

The film was directed by Oscar-winning Kevin Macdonald, who took over 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries and created a feature-length documentary reflecting people’s lives on the 24th of July, 2010.  In order to paint a more global picture, they also sent cameras out to film the people who don’t have Internet or cameras. 

The film has a political element to it and MacDonald juxtaposes certain scenes to prove the disparate differences on Earth, an underlying theme in the film. For example, in one scene where the film is asking “What do you have in your pocket?” One man pulls out a Lamborghini key, while in the next scene, a man in Haiti says, “I have nothing.”

Watch this trailer.  At what point do the hairs on your arms start to stand up with chills? For me it was the marriage proposal.


2 thoughts on “Life in a day

  1. Glad to hear the marriage proposal gave you chills….. Me too, I was the guy who did it.
    Happy to say , Theresa is now my wife. 🙂

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