100 Cameras in One is awesome!

I’ve been having such fun with the iphone app 100 Cameras in One.  Trey Ratcliff is the designer of the app and also of the site Stuck in Customs, the #1 travel photography blog.  (His tagline is “unique photography for unique people” – love that!)   (Someday maybe I’ll fulfill the dream of being a travel writer/photographer – better add that to my life list.)  The app is pretty and intuitive and most of all, I love the names he gives all the effects.  Here are a few:

a child’s shoes swinging from a chair ~ it was never quite like that to me ~ our lives forever caught in a dream ~ around 3 a.m. when things really got crazy ~ the sky wept in crimson waves ~ the feather-light softness of a baby’s head ~ coffee in the morning and the smell of comfort ~ going back for more ice cream when no one is watching ~ the part of the song that we both like ~ waking up surrounded by pillows ~ all the lonliness that nobody notices now ~ when the soft boughs touched my shoulders ~ the softer edge of sanity ~ i never expected to see eyes quite like that ~ when the gentle notes fell down from the strings ~ to  know a revious life because of this feeling ~ two birds talking in the morning ~ when i wanted what you wanted

OK, so that’s more than a few, but don’t you want to find out what they all do to your pictures?   I DO!!!

Here are a few examples of some of the textures/effects.  The original image is first and then the edited ones.      




I also heart Instagram, but that’s a whole other level of deliciousness.



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