Movie recommendation: crazy stupid love

On Sunday, as we were leaving my parents’ house having dropped off our daughter, we spontaneously decided to see a movie on our way home.  My husband wanted to see Crazy Stupid Love, and since I have no idea what else might be playing these days (meaning the past three years – sigh), I agreed. I’m not sure what I expected – maybe just another romantic comedy. But instead it was uniquely memorable and very enjoyable.  I love movies that remind me why I married my husband and of what’s important in life.  It was funny and familiar and complicated and sweet. I cried so much that I would argue it isn’t a comedy but rather a romantic drama (but then again, I am a sentimental sap), but it was light-hearted and humorous too.  All the characters were interesting and had depth and the actors were outstanding.  I definitely recommend it!

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