Julia of the blog Painted Path recently wrote a post called “The truth is” that resonates so much with me that I wonder how she knew exactly how I am feeling.  She said, “I’ve been running at such a pace, packing and unpacking and packing again, mothering & mothering more, going and coming and going again, that I’ve forgotten to take deep breaths and tune in to Me.”

Yes, so true for me too.  I’ve been knocked out by a bad cold that came out of nowhere and sent me to bed for the past 24 hours.  I’ve surrendered to this achy fog with a feeling of relief.  I didn’t go to the new house yesterday; I didn’t go to the preschool orientation  last night; I didn’t clean up anything; I didn’t check e-mails; I didn’t grocery shop, organize, worry, take pictures and edit them, plan… I did absolutely nothing yesterday and it was ok.  (My daughter is visiting my parents… don’t worry.)

You all know that moving is a huge stressor and there are so many little things involved.  I’ve also been getting all the mortgage documentation together, making a myriad of decisions for the new house (what type of door for here? which light for there? does the stain on this match that?), traveling to visit family, getting my daughter ready for preschool, etc.  But I have got to slow down.  My mind has been running at a breakneck pace lately and that’s no good for me or for anybody.  All the little to-dos… I don’t know why I think about them so much.  I’m great at getting things done, but not so great at congratulating myself on a job well done or rewarding myself with a little rest.  There’s always more to do!


3 thoughts on “Surrendering

  1. Dear Naomi,

    I am honored that my words made their way to your blog. Thank you for taking the time to connect today, how I savor these connections.

    Your “I love” list could have been my own.

    I hope you slow way down today and nurture your precious Self.

    With love,


  2. Be kind to YOU…you deserve it! By the way, I spent HOURS worrying about the stain for our stair rails so that it would blend/match our floors. So unimportant, and do I ever look at them and feel satisfied that they blend/match. Never. I’ll never get those hours back…….

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