Picture Inspiration: Weeks 8 and 24

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Week 8: Totally Random

Seeing the world through new eyes not only means we get a new perspective, we also end up seeing more.  Shifting into creative observation mode brings all kinds of things into focus.  Sometimes those things make perfect sense but other things we might stumble upon seem totally random.  The random stuff can be more happenstance than anything else can, so there’s no telling when something might suddenly pop into view! This week, don’t overlook the seemingly nonsensical, haphazard, and often humorous things that you find.  Chances are you’ll find beauty in the random.

OK, I guess it’s not completely random since this sign was posted near an estuary, but still, I wasn’t expecting it!

 Week 24: Shoot for the Stars

There’s just something magical about stars; what they stand for and symbolize.  If you happen onto a shining star in nature or whether it’s another source entirely, your job is to search and shoot for the stars!


Once I started looking for stars, I saw them everywhere!


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