Picture Inspiration: Weeks 7 and 23

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Week 7: The Shape of Surprise

This time, it isn’t the object itself; it’s the sole reflection that you’ll study.  Toy with the many ways you can shoot a reflected object without the object to dictate it.  Do you remove the context alltogether for added mystery? Do you try for an unexpedted angle or perspective? Do you intensify it by making it black and white? Capture a shape in a way that makes your creative spirit take notice. 


I’ve been looking at reflections everywhere lately and this is the most compelling one to me.

Week 23: Organic Lines

When we talk about lines within photographic images, we usually think about architecture, precise shapes, grids, and other logically linear elements.  Oddly enough, so many of our images don’t cocntain any of these things and yet there are still graphic elements present in so much of our photographic work.  This week, pay attention to the graphics of nature.  Look for organic lines and curves of the natural world.  Seek out the linear in the things that feel not-so-linear and see what kinds of graphic beauty you can capture.



I liked this prompt! Some new images and some previously taken.


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