No more milkshakes

It has been 2 or 3 weeks since I drafted the post below and I am doing fabulously with my “new” lifestyle.  I feel good, I look better, I have more energy.  I like eating so many fruits and veggies.  The momentum I’ve got going is helping me keep it up.  🙂

 * * * * *

The nice woman on the other end of the phone is telling me that my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are far too high.  I hang up in shock and a tidal wave of disappointment overcomes me. 

You see, I used to be very active and would watch everything I ate.  I did a century bike ride in college; at some point I wore size 0.  My husband and I even did Weight Watchers together soon after we got married and we used to go to the gym together in the evenings or take long, brisk walks.  One of my colleagues used to call me “Skinny Ennis.” I wore a pedometer, for goodness sakes! And then I got pregnant and started eating full-fat Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream every night. 

In essence, I have completely changed.  At first, I was a bit surprised that I could maintain this type of eating and not look terrible, but then the pounds did start to attach themselves to my tummy and so it seems I’m not exempt from the rule of more calories in than out equals weight gain.  And the recent bloodwork does not lie.  I need to change and this is my wake up call.  I’ve been lazy and really unmotivated.

So after staring into space for a few minutes, I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of fruit, grilled chicken, and some healthy snacks.  I am going to be realistic here… I hate to sweat and it IS summer and I’m not likely to be going for walks until October.  Still, I can stop eating Dove chocolates while reading in bed.  I make a choice every time I put something in my mouth.  I’ll choose a carrot over a chicken nugget.  I think that’s going to make a big difference.  Then, I’ll try to be more active where I can.


7 thoughts on “No more milkshakes

  1. I can relate so much to this post. Good choices, Naomi! Over the years, my brain has shifted focus to daily exercise and whole foods. When I started down this road, I would eat nothing but fast foods, steak and potatoes, and veggies consisted of the occasional carrot stick that got in my way, accidentally. Have never felt better! 🙂

  2. So glad you’re making different choices and feeling better!

    On August 30th, the “Forks Over Knives” DVD will be released . Informative and compelling, this documentary will add new dimension to your comment, “I make a choice every time I put something in my mouth.” While it may promote a more restrictive food plan than you desire, I believe it will forever change the way you think about food choices.

    Steve and I follow this food plan and feel healthy on it!

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