Picture Inspiration: weeks 6 and 22

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Week 6: Seeing Double

Once you’ve started looking for reflections, you can’t stop seeing them.  This week, experiment with different ways to fill the frame with your subject and its ghost.  Play with seeing double this week!


Week 22: Finding Your Tribe

Shed a little light on a feeling of togetherness, belonging and camaraderie. You know, all the stuff that makes our lives so rich and so meaningful!

I took this prompt to be more of a search for my tribe.  I could certainly share pictures of my family, but I decided to think of it in terms of my photography tribe.  When I recently went to get a haircut, this is the view while laying back for a shampoo.  It seemed to fit the prompt topic.


I have been searching for what appeals to me and what I enjoy photographing.  I’m definitely drawn to window boxes and beautiful entryways.





 Picture Inspiration is a companion space to the Picture Series classes and consists of weekly photocentric prompts, challenges and projects.  It’s a virtual coffee shop – a place to gather, chat, share photos, glean insignts, ask questions, and get inspired.  Through connection and creativity, we are delving deeper into what it means to use photography to reveal the magic in our everyday lives.


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