Willy, nilly, silly old bear

Pooh hasn’t aged a bit since his debut in 1977 (note to self: start bathing in that anti-aging honey!).  There were three things about this movie that stood out to me.

1) The literary-ness of the storytelling.  The movie begins “on set” in Christopher Robin’s room, reminding us that the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh, and all Pooh’s friends are indeed characters that come alive as part of a little boy’s imagination.  We see the book open and we see the characters walking on the words themselves.  (At one point, they even use some letters to climb out of a hole.) The narrator (John Cleese) inserts himself in the story sometimes as well.

2) It’s classic childhood innocence.  I was worried that we were going to be seeing a different Pooh than I had grown up knowing, especially after running from the theatre with my crying daughter because the previews were SO LOUD and bright and flashy boom boom (that’s a word, right?).  But nope.  Same Winnie the Pooh.  Same innocence and sense of wonder.  So wonderful in it’s simplicity! (And yet, I appreciated the humor sprinkeled liberally throughout the movie for the adults in the audience.)

3) The take-away message: Friendship before honey. 

My daughter was engaged the entire hour and laughed a few times… full, belly laughter that made my husband and me smile at each other, thinking, “Isn’t this the coolest thing ever? Her first movie and she’s getting it?”


4 thoughts on “Willy, nilly, silly old bear

  1. Sounds like a great movie to take kids to! I tried taking my 7 year old son (who has Asperger Syndrome) to see “Cars 2”, but it’s over 2 hours long!! About 40 minutes or so before the end of the movie, he was begging me to take him out of there. He was enjoying it, but couldn’t stand to sit there that long. I think an hour is a perfect length for a kids’ movie. I just might have to take him to it – thanks for the review!

  2. we went to see this with sophia (age 5) when we were in chicago a few weekends ago, and i was most impressed–with the movie and the audience. the kids were all so engaged and enthralled, there was very little fussing. the movie had just the right balance of things the kids could understand and things the adults could share knowing glances about. so a win-win all around. and, as far as i’m concerned, friendship IS honey! 🙂

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