Picture Inspiration: weeks 5 and 21

Picture Inspiration: 52 Weeks of Photocentric Creativity and Community

Week 5: Infinity and Beyond

Repetitive elements, forms, or shapes can often be best showcased when they are put to work with another effective technique of creating good imagery. Enter the use of a strong diagonal line. Incorporating both repetition and a diagonal can lead the viewer’s eye poetically across the image.  By using a medium to shallow depth of field, it takes the viewer right into infinity. 


 Week 21: From the Heart

Discovering ourselves through creativity can be empowering and exciting.  Shooting from the heart transforms our photography as well as our own personal lives.  As you shoot this week, keep your heart in mind.  Shoot with it, through it, because of it.  Capture images where love is in the lead. 

    Tissue paper heart | Aisle of school supplies: I love, love, LOVE them!

Picture Inspiration is a companion space to the Picture Series classes and consists of weekly photocentric prompts, challenges and projects.  It’s a virtual coffee shop – a place to gather, chat, share photos, glean insignts, ask questions, and get inspired.  Through connection and creativity, we are delving deeper into what it means to use photography to reveal the magic in our everyday lives.


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