What’s new with the house?

We have been selecting all kinds of things this weekend – our ceiling fans, our kitchen sink, our bathroom lighting, our cabinet stain color.  We are still looking for our cabinet hardware and for our dining and kitchen light fixtures, but there’s no real rush on that.  We went to some granite yards and found this for our kitchen, which should complement the dark cabinets nicely.  The picture definitely makes it look darker than it actually is.

After today’s electrical inspection, we can install insulation and then sheetrock.  I think walls will really help in visualizing us living there!  The cabinets will be hung and secured into place toward the end of the week and then we can measure for the granite, to be installed next week.  (Photo: kitchen desk and island, bar area with cutouts for double oven and pantry, our carpenter sawing away, cabinet fronts)


We also begin painting/staining the exterior today!!! The brick will be a light creamy tan and the window frames and posts will be Burnished Walnut.  (The kitchen and bath cabinets will be the darker Walnut Wainscot.)

I’ve been trying to find the right paint colors for our bedrooms.  Can there be more options for a soothing green? For the main rooms, we are pretty sure we’re going to use the light brown that I made up for our former house.  I tweaked it so many times, having the folks at Sherwin Williams add a little bit more blue or a little bit more white, until we found a shade of brown we liked.  We call it “Naomi.” Our daughter’s room will be a VERY light pink (we thought we picked a hint of pink for her room before and it was definitely too pink).  The playroom? The office? Our bedroom? Should the curved entry wall be an accent color? Sherwin Williams has a color visualizer online where you upload a picture of your room and you can literally paint with any of their colors to see how it’ll look.  I’m having trouble with it, maybe because I’m trying to paint studs, so we’ll see if I can try again when we have actual walls.  🙂

So all that, plus working through all the mortgage details, and all day with my daughter.  It’s fun to see it all come together.  Busy, busy!!

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3 thoughts on “What’s new with the house?

  1. WOW girl it looks GREAT!!! i love the granite color, and cabinet colors. those are almost the same color or could be about the same color as my MIL house. and it looks wonderful at her house!!! Yes i think i would do an accent color for the entry way! i love accent walls, when we paint our master room we r gonna do that and i have been thinking about doing that for the carson game room too. It just makes the room look bigger, bolder and if u go look at the model homes they are doing it too. maybe u can get some idea from there! Well i really enjoy watching this progress go along!!! ENJOY!!!
    Your friend

  2. I had to laugh about your question about soothing shades of green. We could not settle on the right color for Jacob’s room and ended up picking up three different shades of paint and painting it twice before we knew we had the right shade! It’s now my favorite color in the house! Good luck with all of the decisions.

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