Letting go and making space

Wherever I am able, I am giving myself permission to say no to relationships that drain my energy rather than fill me up.  I want to make room for new ideas, for authentic relationships that allow me to be truly me.  I actively choose to focus less mental and emotional energy on negative people from which I cannot free myself for whatever reason.  And I give myself permission to let go of the guilt associated with that decision too.

I find great joy in noticing and spotlighting the things or people who are most important to me.  I hope to make room for more inspiration and more gratitude with all of my newfound “space.”

What can you let go of today?

(photo: Tiber River in Rome)


2 thoughts on “Letting go and making space

  1. I am on the same page as you! Thank you for sharing this today. I’ve been dumping the emotional and mentally draining people for the last year of my life. You hit the nail on the head when you said that you are letting go of the guilt that is associated with that. I am okay with my decisions while I feel that I have to convince others that this is the right decision for me. Does that happen to you too?
    Hope you guys are doing great! Aaron and I are dying to see you guys! I still want to take that trip to France with you!

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