Imagine rocking chairs…

Look at our new slate front porch!!! I am so excited to sit on some rocking chairs out here, once the temps are bearable, of course.


It’s starting to look more livable already.  We still have to paint the brick, stain the wood accents, and get a new front door, but it’s happening, it’s happening!

Here’s what it looked like before (ugh):  

The back patio as seen this afternoon, but they are working so quickly that they could be done already! It’s going to look sharp.


And the kitchen is really starting to take shape! We were literally shopping for the kitchen sink this past weekend.


I think this is the fun part… when you start seeing things happen every day.  Necessary updates like new plumbing and a new hot water heater just weren’t that thrilling for me, you know?

See previous house updates here and here.


2 thoughts on “Imagine rocking chairs…

  1. Just beautiful!!! And I agree, SO much more fun to see the nice stuff going in then the behinds the scenes, we had to spend money on what?? stuff! Can’t wait to see more!

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