More Picture Color memories

Continuing yesterday’s post about my Picture Color class…

What’s Your Shade: Many of us begin our day by applying some kind of color shade to our own personal palette.  Today, share a little something from your “beauty regime.” Can you tell a story of you by framing a shade or tint?  We porcelain beauties need some help looking not-so-pasty.  The makeup almost matches the countertop.

Corrugated Color: Sometimes the combination of color and texture can make a shot that much more interesting.  Today, seek out solid colors that are more interesting because of the texture that they hold.  Even more than a study of color, consider this a study in the surface of your subject matter and how that affects its color. This is a marble fountain.  I had to capture the repetition of the concentric circles. 

Ambient Yellow: Shooting in low light, specifically shooting indoors and at night with no flash can be a challenge.  Today, I want you to celebrate the color or ambient light, the surrounding light within an environment.  Capturing ambient light in your images usually gives them a golden, yellow color cast.  This is the edge of a mirror.  I like the texture and the tones.

Inspired by Color: Because so much about the Picture Series is about the community support, encouragement and inspiration, capture an image as an ode to another photographer.  When it comes to color, no two people see it quite the same way.

One person inspired many in the class to try this color palette Photoshop technique where you extract colors from your photo and put them in squares on the bottom.

One person took a gorgeous raindrop picture so I was inspired when it finally rained here to capture this one.  It reminds me of a French Impressionist painting.

Heavy Metal: From bronze to silver to gold, metallic “color” surrounds us every day.  Whether it’s shiny or brushed, polished or patina, looking at metallic surfaces gives us a whole new way to study color.  Coax out the beauty of your subject today.  I usually don’t think buildings are beautiful, but I loved the reflection on this one.

Piecing it all Together: Have you ever noticed how pretty colors look when they are all laid out together, like in a quilt, a mosaic, or on paint chips? As we wrap up Picture Color, let’s go out with a celebratory bang!


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