Picture Color memories

The Picture Color class is coming to a close today and it has been so wonderful for me.  Not only do the daily prompts open my eyes to new ways of viewing the world around me, but the community is as amazing as the photography.  Every day we are all posting pictures in the online gallery of how we have interpreted the prompt and then we get immediate and encouraging feedback from each other.  It’s as fun to see everyone’s photos as it is to receive the compliments on my own.  Being part of this group has enriched me and it has been such a treat to have daily contact with them.  I’d say I am going to miss it but I’m continuing with Picture Inspiration.

Below is an excerpt of a few of the prompts and my photo for each:

Blissed Out on Color: Take notice of the colors you choose to surround yourself with. What colors bliss you out? Capture something that celebrates your bliss!    I was surprised to learn that I’m drawn to purple.  I don’t have much of it in my surroundings so I’ll have to change that.

Iconic Color: Observe all the many colors that go hand in hand with something you’d consider iconic.  I wasn’t the only one in the class who chose Starbucks.  It’s a morning starter for many.  One person even commented that the sign can make her day sometimes.  Another said that Starbucks owns dark green.

Technicolor Vision: June is a month of celebration… of birthdays, dreams of summer, and long fun-filled days.  Find something today that offers a kind of Technicolor merriment.  Go bold, go bright, and go beautiful today with a burst of color at its most boastful!

The Color of Comfort: Our choice of color often mirrors how we feel.  Some colors lift our spirits while other soothe them.  Is there a color that harkens confort to you?   I love my bed.  I love crisp white hotel linen and soft sheets.  This just makes me want to climb inI make my bed every day and I love how inviting it looks every time I walk by.

 Nothing But Blue Skies prompt

The Color of Light: Using direct dunlight as a photographic tool can yield perhaps the most beautifully unpredictable results.  Share today the color of light, just how you see it.

The Color of Happy: When you find your happy colors to shoot today, don’t forget to experiment with different ways to express the feeling you want to convey in your shot. It’s normally not color alone that makes the shot burst with joy, it’s the way it’s captured. Have fun with happy today!

         Come back tomorrow for more!


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