House renovation update

The new house is moving along quickly! Come September, our apartment’s LOUD, stomping upstairs neighbors will be but a memory.  Yesterday our designer and I selected and purchased our kitchen appliances.  I am beyond excited to have:

– Jenn-Air 30″ double wall oven with V2 vertical dual fan convection system                     

It’s just unbelievable : 7″ full color touch LCD display (they call it the ipod interface), no need to preheat, delay start, keep warm option, AND it guides you through how to bake anything. 

Say you want to bake a roast, which I’ve never done because I wouldn’t know where to begin.  You select the type of meat from a menu and select NEXT.  You tell it the weight and select NEXT.  You tell it the type of pan you are using because cook time/temperature varies from a roasting tin to a 13×9 glass dish, etc.  You can even tell it what time you want to serve dinner and it’ll start when necessary.  Unbelievable, right?

 – Jenn-Air 36″ gas cooktop

– Jenn-Air Trifecta dishwasher

Sharp 24″ microwave drawer: this thing is cool.  It will go in the island.  It’s child-proof, which would be the only way we could put it low enough for our daughter to access. 


 OK, enough already.  On to the pictures! There’s still a lot of work to do to the outside (painting brick and trim, landscaping), but it’s already much better.


There you have it.  By tomorrow, all the kitchen cabinet boxes will be in place and the carpenter will begin constructing our custom drawers and cabinet doors.  More on this, of course, soon.  [If I haven’t texted/called/e-mailed you back, now you know why.]


5 thoughts on “House renovation update

  1. Love all the renovations! Beautiful appliances, so nice to be able to pick out exactly what you want. Can’t wait to see it in person!!!

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