I LOVE to read magazines… just sitting and flipping through something literally light, tearing out an article here or there to file away.  I’ve got serious ones (The New Yorker and Brain, Child), parenting ones (Scholastic Parent & Child, Parenting), and tons of creative ones (Artful Blogging, Anthology, Digital Photography, Poets & Writers, The Sun, etc.).  Each one makes me happy in different ways and I know that I am fortunate to be able to indulge in them and recognize how much I love each one.

That said, I’ve grown quite a collection of unread magazines over the past few months since I’ve been busy with house stuff.  Some are even still in their plastic wrappers.   When I’m not being a mom or a wife or a remodeler or a laundress or chauffer,  I spend my time on my computer reading blogs or editing pictures.  Still, that stack calls to me, louder and louder these days.  “Open one of us, look at our pictures, relax for a minute already.”


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