Stop the insanity!

I am finally sitting on the sofa in our new apartment, trying to NOT do anything.  (I’m as sane as my house is organized and I cannot stop until it’s done.)  My husband and daughter are drawing at the table, what little floor we have is mopped, everything is in its place, there’s not a box in sight.  It’s understandable that I’d feel rundown after the past few weeks’ activity, and possibly the 100+ degree temperatures here don’t help matters.  I feel heavy and sluggish, unmotivated to take the stroller back out to the busy, hot streets today or go anywhere besides the apartment pool. 

I recently drove over to our former neighborhood to drop off some boxes at our storage unit and I was surprised to feel a huge sense of nostalgia.  Since it’s been only a week since the move, I’m guessing that what I’m feeling is a yearning for the familiar.  It’s quite a lot of mental work to adjust to everything being new all at once.  Where’s the grocery store or gas station? What time is the mail delivered? Which drawer did I put the toothpaste in? And all the change of address work is getting old, especially knowing that we are going to have to do it again in a few months!

Summer brings a new routine too.  My daughter begins a new dance class and a new music class.  We spend time at the pool.  We can’t do outdoor activities due to the heat, so no more zoo or park or walks for us. 

I have a friend who does only one outing per day with her daughter.  If they have a morning activity, they spend that afternoon at home.  I think I may adopt this for awhile.  And my husband gave me some good advice when I told him that I usually spend my daughter’s naptime doing cleaning and straightening or laundry.  He told me to do that while she’s awake, even let her help me, and as soon as she naps, head to the couch or bed and rest or do something relaxing.  I honestly didn’t think of that! I’m glad to relinquish some of my usual frantic pace for a slower speed this summer.


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