Caution… area under construction!

Our new house is definitely under construction.  Rather than wait to post “Before and After” pictures, I thought many of you might like to see “Before and During” pictures.  I’ll keep you updated as things change.  I was going to make a book project out of this, but I don’t have nearly enough time for that.  🙂 Hope you enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Caution… area under construction!

  1. So fun to see! I too am excited to watch it change and enter current times. Looks like a ton of changes!!! Will be so fun to look back at the before pics once done and you are in!

  2. Wow! that is a lot of work. Is your husband a DIY guy? or are you smart and hiring out? Our small reno is taking 6 months. Living in a construction zone is not so cool.

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