Simple soulful photography workshop

This past week, I began a month-long photography workshop called Simple Soulful.  It’s about taking care of yourself and building a more creative and fulfiling life.   We are exploring the connection between creativity and self-care.  It has definitely gotten me thinking and I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about it here. 

This evocation of trust and safety that our instructor used to open our class set the mood for us all.  In our three days of online discussion thus far, as well as in our Flickr pool and discussion there, we have been honest and creative, often sharing the most personal aspects of ourselves. 

“When people aren’t pitted against each other, when they are not even mildly competing, when people aren’t vyiing for position (because all positions in this circle are equally important), they jump out of themselves and into their humanity.  They fall so in love with each other they think they wrote each other’s pieces.  They’re proud of each other and they root for each other.  They cry for each other and they feel for each other.  When people feel safe, they recognize themselves in others, and instead of being threatened by their differences, they are moved by them.  When they are safe, they are moved by their own differences.”  ~ Nancy Slonim Aronie, Writing from the Heart.


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