The creative journey

My daughter is spending her morning being extremely creative, making cards for friends with stamps, markers, and stickers.  I am jealous.  I miss that wild abandon, that intense concentration on something inspired.  This blog is my attempt at living the creative life on a daily basis… being able to focus on things constantly on my mind, such as spirituality, writing, poetry, photography… things that frame my experience.  But I’m tired!!! I can hardly keep up with this two-year-old.  Maybe this is why pre-historic humans used to have babies when they were really young, like 13 or 14.  By age 35 I would have had my grandchildren over to my cave for awhile and sent them back to their parents.  🙂

I’m inspired and encouraged by my growing group of readers here to be accountable to my goals and to do better every day.  So I will try to ignore the dishes in the sink and the unread mail and learn from my daughter to be in the moment.  I may even take a nap.


2 thoughts on “The creative journey

  1. oh dear one–i worry about your phrase “do better every day.” you are already doing great things in so many areas of life–you’re a wonderful mom, a loving wife, an amazing friend, and scads of other things! it’s no small accomplishment raising another human being while still being able to do so many other things and do them well. and that goes for all the moms out there–and even the non-moms out there. we are always striving to do more, see more, be more–and that is fine because it helps us grow and learn. but at the same time, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the expectations we place on ourselves and that others place upon us. so every now and then, i think we should all take a moment and be kind to ourselves for simply being who we are, where we are, doing whatever we’re doing. (and i’m the worst at this activity, so i’m directing this at me too) 🙂

    • I know, I know. I just have the feeling that I can’t get on top of things. H ended up bumping her chin at art class this morning and would not calm down so I took her to the doctor. She’s fine. I was so calm, but I felt overwhelmed and like I wanted to cry.

      In my post, I meant do better at being creative and focusing more on that, which is fun for me. I know you’d approve of more me time!

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